…we understand it differently at different stages. It’s what is interesting about getting older, you realize your relationship with the past is always negotiable. There is a lot of freedom in that, because you realize you can go back to what you did such a long time ago. You can talk with the dead, talk with your lost self, your disappeared self, and you can visit those places again, and understand it differently. That makes a huge difference.” 



Μπορεί την αμυγδαλίτσα έξω από το σπίτι μας να μην προλάβαμε να τη σώσουμε αλλά το νέο μέλος στην παρέα του μπαλκονιού το φροντίζουμε με αγάπη, πολλά γλυκόλογα και..

ιδού το αποτέλεσμα.