Farewell to Harold Pinter

A charismatic literary figure whose works are among the things that make life worth living !

English dramatist, Nobel Prize awarder, actor, poet, screenwriter, theatre director, campainer against human rights' abuses and more.

Strong conflicts, irony and long pauses. The price for the characters' betrayal seems to be their shelf-betrayal. The major issue of individual identity.

Pinter's works are about life and the expectation of the unexpected! "We never know what the hell's coming next", he used to say. His talent to make crisis situations humourous, though, is a kind of Pinteresque approach which could make our lives less painful.

"Pinteresque", however, was a word he really loathed. His exact comment was : " I certainly don't strive for universality, I've got enough to strive for just writing a bloody play".

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